Friday, February 16, 2018

Balloosh? Theories? EYES?

Hey Jammers, Arctic here! And I know what you're thinking:

"Balloosh? Again? Everyone and their grandma is talking about Balloosh now!"

Haha, I don't blame you- but this is pretty big! We haven't had a new land in... forever!

I definitely think the name sounds a bit funny, haha. That apart: LET ME TELL YOU. I LOVE HOW MYSTICAL THIS IS.

What with the lanterns and stones and all, I got a very mystical vibe from this. I can almost imagine tons of interesting creatures hiding in the shadows! So, to fit the magical vibes, I used some of my more interesting animals and took a tour of the place.

I couldn't take my EYE off of anything! Get it? Because... my butterfleye? Get it? ButterflEYE? Because it's an eye with wings?


I think you get it.

I'll stop now.

But seriously! I love the whole feel of this place, though it definitely doesn't feel like Jamaa to me, if that makes sense. Everything gives off a vibe that doesn't feel like it could be found on Earth. This isn't really the case with the other lands. I feel like the other lands still seem very 'realistic' (ironic for a game, I know) and like they're from this world. But this land explores a completely different side of Jamaa: one of lore and magic. It's pretty cool don't you think? Eye sure think so!

Alright I'll stop.

I've always found greens and blues to be very beautiful, and the serenity AJ captures with this is just phenomenal!

I have noticed something else though! All these strange runes and symbols on the stones remind me of the ruins of that ancient civilization we were introduced to in "The Mystery Below" adventure.

While that adventure definitely was NOT one of my favourites (I dunno, leading moths around to rocks was kind of mind-numbing to me, but I digress!) it does raise a lot of questions. What happened to this civilization? What kinds of animals were there? And if they spent so much time underground or in caves, why are their ruins also ABOVE ground and OUTSIDE of their established home? What did they do for food?

I definitely think we'll be hearing more about these guys, and I'm certain that AJHQ has a reason for putting some of this strange architecture here the way they did. What do you guys think? Any theories about this civilization? Tell me below!

Also, what do you guys like about the new land? I wanna know!

See you later!

1 comment:

  1. I like the style of Balloosh! Its name could.. probably be better.. idk.. XDDD


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