Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Trio Tag

Hey everyone, Now I know what your thinking.
"Hey where is the rest of the 'No pushing the back button art'?
Well, I'm really sorry but I really really don't feel like drawing at the moment D:
Also this computer AJ doesn't work on it and there are no other computers open at the moment :/
So that will be postponed again. DX

So today I will be starting a new tag.
The Trio Tag!

1. Share 3 random things you did in your live that you've never shared before

1. Once when I was little I think it was at church, I was picking up random colors of crayons and checking what they called the color.
2. I used to like playing with dolls with Sarah when I was like 5, but when I was like 7 I never played with them again. 
3. For a really long time me and Pob loved playing with baby beanies. for hours. 
Sometimes he would even come into my room wake me up and say "Ja let's play with beanies!" 

2. Name your 3 favorite movie series

1. Lord of The Rings
2. The Maze Runner (Seeing The Death Cure on Thursday! :O ) 
3. And ummm, The Hobbit XD 

3.  Name your 3 favorite places to go

1. The arcade especially sense we usually go with friends! :D 
2. My friends houses
3. And a Christian Lady's dinner thing with my Mom and Sarah

4. Name the top 3 smaller things you want to do in your life right now?

1. To see The Death Cure today (Saturday) Instead of Monday
2. have those 2 awesome dreams I had in the last 2 weeks.
3. Have all the items on Chicken Smoothie to make characters from Lord of the Rings

Opps I forgot to tag people!
I tag:

I know what your thinking now XD
"Why is called the trio tag, when there are 4 questions?"
I was gonna do 3 questions but I just really wanted to do a forth one XD
I <3 doing="" p="" tags="">

*Husky Ninja


  1. I love arcades they are sooooo fun and you can get really great prizes once I got a big donut:) Im glad TMR made it to your top 3

  2. aww the beanie baby one is so cute! -penelopeiscute

  3. This is an awesome tag!

    May I snatch it? (´・ω・`)

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I am sorry for not always participating in tags. I will comment on this post tomorrow with my answers!

    A TAG
    I'll definitely post my answers to this soon, Ja! :)


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