Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Blogger Request -- Sapphira Adi from Oracles of Fire!

Hey guys!

It's Karalee again!

Remember last week when I tried to draw one Princess Sapphire from Wings of Fire?

Turns out I bungled that pretty badly. 😆 I was supposed to draw a character named Sapphira from Oracles of Fire! (As it happens, the character IS an Oracle of Fire.)

This week: a redo! Here's how to make Sapphira Adi -- chibi edition!

Step 1: Reference Photo.

Got this from the Dragons in Our Midst Wiki.

Step 2: Basic Sketch.

Made using the Soft Pastel brush on Procreate.

Step 3: Lineart.

Made using the Script brush.

Step 4: Realize You Accidentally Put the Lineart and the Basic Sketch on the Same Layer and Get Annoyed.


Step 5: Redraw the Lineart and Color.

Ta-daaaaaa! 😋

I now know that Sapphira's tunic's crest has a red dragon on it, but shortsighted little me took a quick look at the ref on the computer late at night, and thought, "Oh, a sun! Cool, that makes sense because the sun is made up of really really hot fire"... and the poor red dragon blended into the red shirt and got left out of it entirely. I would redraw, but it's past my bedtime and I gotta hurry this post up!

I hope you like Chibi!Sapphira, Sarah! Finally drew the right character! 😂

If any of you reading this post have a suggestion or drawing prompt for me, please leave it in the comments below! (Otherwise, you might end up reading a blog post about the eating habits of white oak snakes, or whatever I learned from watching a segment of Jason Lisle's 'Science Confirms Creation' presentation. Posts get weird when inspiration runs low.)

That's all for now, guys! Seeya next week!




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