Saturday, June 23, 2018

Doggo tag

No intro, no doggy chatter. I am tirrrred. And I have to fill out a little quiz thingy for my Pastor. It's a bit stressful because I'm having some trouble with a few of the answers. XD

ooookay, so I was going to do a "Asking for Jammer's opinions" post, but Animal Jam isn't working on my computer atm, it is loading like 1 percent every minute. And I can't wait 100 minutes of course. So ahh. TIME TO MAKE A RANDOM TAG!! XDD

I'm just going to make one about dogs. (no fancy picture thing sorry!)

1. Do you have a dog? What kind? What's his name?
Yup! He's a pure bred Siberian Husky, And his name is Trump XD

2. Which do you prefer? Big or small dogs?
Big XD

3. What is your dream dog?
It was a Siberian Husky, But I got dat dream down!

4. What is your favorite dog movies?
Hmm I think Bolt!

5. What are five show off tricks would you like to teach your dog? 
1. Fist Bump (I am so doing that btw)
2. Spin around
3. Jump through a hoop
4. Bark on command
5. Howl during a certain part certain songs (5th of July, and ALT version of All My Friends, by Owl City)

6. In your opinion what is one of the cutest things your dog does?
Hmmm Trum Trum does a bunch of cute things.
I love it when he twitches and whimpers in his sleep. 

7. What is one of the most annoying things someone has done to/with your dog?
This Friday one of the kids, took Trump off the leash without asking, and then when I told them to put Trump back they went and asked my mom if they could take him off. And then they feed him 1 and a half cups of dog food. which is TWICE as much as he is suppose to have. And he's not even suppose to have lunch anymore .........

8. What kind of nicknames does your dog have?
Trum Trum
Mr. Trum Trum

And now I tag:
Both Housemom sisters

And that is all for dis week. Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*Husky Ninja


  1. *Bounces* I'M SO GONNA DO THISSSSS, XD!

  2. AHHH, I loved this tag, Ja!!!! ^-^ it was very fun to read!!!


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