Friday, June 8, 2018

The Small Details That We Glance Over


:Blinks: 😊 Why are you screaming this early?📣


:Sighs: Okay, but YOU ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE.:Starts to shakes my shoulders: 😎

I am very sorry. I am just really excited to share this with y'all today!

Today, I am going to be going around the different lands and showing one thing from each, of things that I've not noticed in them/the small details in them (There is a sprinkling of both). This is going to be really fun! Then, I am going to be going to each of the bloggers dens and sharing one thing that is in their current den, that I've not noticed/small details.

:Twirls: Let's get started!

We are starting off in the dark, and swampy BALLOOSH! Honestly, this is a semi-weird land. I just feel that it's a bit too dark, but that's just my opinion. To be fair, I don't spend a lot of time here, but I honestly had no idea that you were able to get onto the top of the Temple of Ancients. There are very dark stairs to the left of the opening, which leads you to the top, here you can see where are the streams flow from! It's pretty neat! (But than again, I must have been up here at one point, because I've filled my journey book. The salamander lives up here).

Next, land we are traveling to is... the cold, the high, and it serves the best hot chocolate in town... YUMMMMMMMMMY. Okay, yeah it's MT. SHIVEER.
Now, this one I find a little bit creepy, but it's located in the hot cocoa hut. It's looks like a Tiki, but it's really kind of a disturbing one.

Just creepy!

Okay, We are going to jump over to another land. Can anyone guess, to where we are going next? You got it - Sarepia Forest! Okay, to be honest I hardly ever visit here, so it may seem obvious to someone, who goes here often. I thought it was pretty cool though. There is a phantom that peaks out from the log, then there is the main thing; that I wanted to show. It's a bunch of cute little fire flies! I remember the times when my aunt, sister, and I would go out to catch them after watching the sun set! They were some good times!

Next featured land is very dry! It's Coral Canyons. So, as I was looking around in Coral Canyons, I decided I would turn into Epic Wonders. There is a beautiful portrait of horses in there! It kind of reminds me of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna from My Little Pony. They look really cool, though.

We only have 5 more! Okay, I will speed the post up. I will not ramble very much on the next few.
So, we are traveling to is  very busy during the summer typically, it's very sandy, and you get to walk into the ocean! It's Crystal Sands! It's the double up game, but I never saw the holes in the side of the rock before. If you are patient and look closely, something comes out of the middle hole for a brief second.

We are not traveling to the "lost" part of the Animal Jam kingdom called - Lost Temple of Zios. The odd thing about this land that there's no signs going to to the other lands (Crystal Sands and Sarepia Forest). It's the only land that is this way, as far as I saw at least.

Leads to Crystal Sands

Leads to Sarepia Forest

Now, we are heading into town, where it's quite overpopulated. This is kind of hidden, and when you click on it. You get something that was very unexpected (for me at least).

I am sure people knew about this, but I certainly didn't. 

We have 2 more left. We are now going to be flying from town to a very small place -Appondale. It seems that AJ didn't put as much thought into this land as the others, since it's soooooo small. I feel that this  broken boomseed looking thing on the tree is out of place. It really just may be me, but let me know what you think!

Lastly, we have arrived to Kimbara Outback, again there are not many interesting things here. The only thing that I found was unique there was this chair engraved into the rock, but in all honestly, I already knew that was there. I couldn't find anything real, so I chose something that was not as obvious.

Okay, now we have the blogger dens. I asked for their permission before doing this, so if your den in not in here. 1) You are not a blogger. 2) You did not get give me permission to explore your den. If you would like another post like this, let me know. I plan on doing the ocean lands and more dens, but only if you all are interested, so let me know! (They are organized by who gave me permission first, so don't think I am devaluing you, cause I am not!)

First up we have Housemom418's den, or my sister. 😉I found it very odd that there was a pink thing on the banana tree. I am not exactly sure what it's supposed to be, but it's quite interesting.

Next up is, Ja983's den. I originally had a different photo for this, but I got to looking deeper and saw this! Mira is on the lamp, and if you zoom to 500% (In her den) you can see a wolf on the rock (So that's what it looks like) that's on the shelf.

Up next is the admin of the blog...I hope you can guess who it is! If you said, "Graciepopstar91." You would be more 100% correct, if that's even possible! I had no idea that she had a park in her den! It is the most realistic park that I've seen. Looking at this made me think of the times when I used to play Webkinz...Yeah, that was years ago. XD 

Okay, the next one is from Arcticstar8404's den. She has a super big den, so hers probably could fill up one post, but I had to pick one. This is a small sandbox that she has on the island, but the detail of it is absolutely incredible! The little person is above and beyond. AJ did great job of designing this sandbox, by putting the littlest of details in it. 

Next we have Karalee's den, or in this case, Bravestarr's den. 😀 This was very interesting, it actually showed the real time (At least in Eastern Standard Timing)!

This was taken at 7:05 PM

This was taken at 7:26 PM.

That concludes today's post, sorry it was a bit long. Again, let me know if you are interested in me doing your den and the underwater lands. I would love to!

Today's Encouraging Quote: 
You are NEVER too young to live your life for Jesus Christ. - My Pastor

Today's Bible Verse: 
Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, 
 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.            
 - Hebrews 12:1-2 (KJV)  

Remember, the best friend you have is Jesus Christ.


  1. The little broken boomseed thing I'm pretty sure is a nest. :)

    The little pink thing is part of the banana tree I'm pretty sure. :)

    I used to play Webkinz! And so did my sis. We still have all the stuffed animals we collected.

    Overall, Houze, you are really observant!

  2. Ah this was a cool post. I enjoy reading it:) It would be cooly if you did another post like these. Also I don’t think I have realized that tiki... cause it’s actually quite creepy...

  3. this comment is for Gracie, I love how you created a park in your den

  4. Thats really cool about the clock! I never knew that :o


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