Friday, June 15, 2018

The Random Animal Jam Tag!

Hey guys! Housemom418 here with another post, covering in for Arctic! So, today as you saw in the title we will be doing ''The Random Animal Jam Tag!'' I got tagged by Gracie, so a HUGE thanks to Gracie for letting me do this! (P.S Do you guys think I should make my intro's crazier, if so comment down below!) So, lets get right into it!

          1. How many animals do you have on Animal Jam?
     Lemme see... *checks* 14! Even though I can only use 2... thank you very much Animal Jam.

                                             2. Dire wolves or Sabertooths?
                      I'm going to have to say.. Dire wolves? I'm not sure actually, I think they both are cute. Dire wolves look really grumpy though, but I think it's cute because it gives them their own personality!

                                              3. What's your favorite AJ Soundtrack?
                           Um, I don't really listen to Animal Jam music so, but I'll have to go with Balloosh!

                                               4. What's your favorite blogger meme?
          UH, WHY WOULD YOU ASK THAT QUESTION? Well uh, I'll have to go with bold banana.

                                                      5. Seals or penguins?
                             Gonna have to go with the old time penguins! They are so coot.

                  So, that's basically it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed! Now onto who I tag!
                  Oh wait, that's not it! I will be hosting a giveaway of TWEE RARES! (3)! 😮
                So basically, you can pick from 3 RARES! There is 16 rares you can pick from.

Rare viking hat
Rare antlers
Rare mammoth tucks
Rare witch hat
Rare violin
Rare spidermask
Rare stegosaurus tail
Rare Medusa Mask
Rare Hula skirt
Rare leg armor
Rare Fairy Princess Hat
Rare High Top Sneakers
Rare Sparkly Head Bow
Rare Trick-o-treat bucket
Rare police hat
Rare scary bat wings

       Now, you are probably thinking.. House, just get on with it. So, NOW HOW TO ENTER!
 Comment down below your username, and what 3 items you'd like if you would win.
If you are not aloud to comment, jag me a jag saying ''Lets be buddies!" with the Diamond symbol.
Or if your member, just say giveaway or something like that.! So yeah, this giveaway will be ending the 20th of June. Then, I will post the winners of the giveaway on the 21st! So please read my post on the 21st if you have entered. That's basically it for today! Thank you guys SO much for all the support on my blog posts. 💙💜💚
                                                             Romans 12;1 KJV
                 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a                               living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
                                                       PEACE, LOVE, NINJAS!
(P.S Have you guys seen regular brownies lately? I feel like Sarah rolled all over the brownies lately *Looks behind back* AHA! I CAUGHT YOU SARAH!
 Also, PRAYER PLEASE! My dad needs surgery on his meniscus D: Most of y'all already know, but still. Please be in prayer, Thank you so much!
                                                                 THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED


  1. Have you seen the sabertooth and direwolf plushies? They're soooo cuuuuuute! :o

    XDDD I feel like everyone's gonna day bold banana.

    Ooooo a giveawaaaaaay
    Ooooooooo I can never enter these because I'm normally hosting them. :D XDDD

    I would like the stegosaurs tail please! :D Aaaaand that's pretty much it XD

    Thank you so much for doing this, House!! :D

    Remember, God made YOU!

  2. I shall enter. Hula skirt and fairy princess hat.
    P.S. You should do crazy intros.

  3. stegosarus tail and sparkly head bowm and rare scary bat wins please!

  4. (not the stegosaurus tail actually)

  5. Amazing post, as usual. Hairy brownies never gets old.

  6. Ooh, I forgot to comment for the giveaway. If I can, I would like the Rare Viking Hat, rare antlers, and/or Rare stegosaurus tail, please. <3


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