Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Manga Art -- In Pencil!

Hiya guys! Karalee here!

Today is a special post, featuring something I do not often talk about here -- pencil sketching!

I realize it's a very important part of art, but due to the fact that most of the things I share here are drawn on my iPad, I don't discuss it much. However, today my family went to the library, and I found a very cool book about the art of manga comics! 😁

(This is in the library.)

I've attempted some manga-style drawings before (not counting those bases I used to use for Blogger Portraits), but always struggled with having them look right, due to the fact that the manga style depends heavily on the placement of the features on the face.

This is the drawing I first attempted with the help of the book -- she seems a little Joan-of-Arc-ish, huh?

Her hands, wrists, and elbows drove me bananas, 😡 but I'm extremely happy with how they turned out in the end! 😄 I'm sure the gauntlets helped because of the fact that they're supposed to look angular.

This is the second drawing I made based on the manga style, this one done after getting home. Also shown are some notes I took from the book on the proper method of drawing eyes (something else I struggle with).

This is the sketch in much better definition -- Mom helped me by holding it in the right position in relation to the light. She said her favorite part was the lips. 😊

This is a detail shot, showing the shading of the hair (done with a regular pencil), and the detailed lines (done with a mechanical pencil). Sorry 'bout the lighting here -- I was doing that one all by myself. 😳😊

This is a fun shot showing how the picture looks on paper when viewed from a different angle. Also showing my brother reaching for his spoon, about to eat his applesauce. And the corner of my iPad he borrowed to watch videos on. (Uh-oh, I hope it didn't get any applesauce on it! 😯)

That's all I've got for this week! (Apologies for it not being related to AJ.) Blogger Portraits should be back next week! If you'd like to have a portrait drawn of yourself wearing the clothes of your AJ avatar, please comment below with these four things!

A. Your username
B. Your skintone
C. Your hair color/length/style
D. The name of the AJ animal you'd like to wear the outfit of!

😊 Thank you! Have a good week, all! *waves*




  1. Woah!!! Amazing drawings!!

    I suck at drawing people, I don't wanna even try :P I'm better at drawing horses XD

    Keep up the amazing work!! <3


  2. That looks so awesome! My favourite part is either the hair or the eyes!
    Imma fill in the form :P
    A. Your username: Cuterebecca/xxfloracutegirlxx
    B. Your skintone: fair/pale
    C. Your hair color/length/style: According to a picture I just found, I have golden brown hair XD
    D. The name of the AJ animal you'd like to wear the outfit of!: Flora Cutegirl (Cuterebecca)


    LOL, my bro and Koolest were close by when I read the post this morning and I told Koolest that you can see a little of your bro’S face. My bro was like, “What’s her brother doing with his hand!??” And I’m just like “Grabbing his spoon. But man, that’s a LOT of applesauce.” And my bro replie “How do you know it’s applesauce?” And I say “Kara said so.” XDD

    1. -Has a quick look at the photo of the applesauce- Wow, you're right, that's a lot!

      :O Applesauce!?!?!?!? I haven't seen that since, since I last went to America!

      RIP me, no apple sauce for sale where I live ;-; (Unless I'm looking at the wrong stores :P)

      Gimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :P


  4. Ayy can you do me?

    Meganfurryfun37 (My username is horrible and gross and I hate it)
    Blonde. Really long, straight.
    Can you do my main animal, Swift TheArtist, but wearing the light grey steampunk goggles as well as the party hat?

    flies off in zeppelin

    PS I saw in some of your other posts that you started using Procreate. I use it too xP.


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