Saturday, October 21, 2017

The World of Jamaa Tag

Greetings ya'll today I will be sharing with ya'll a new tag I have made! :D

1. Do you like the new or older version of the Zios mask?
I kinda like the older one the new version doesn't seem fit the rest of the Lost Temple of Zios.

2. What is your favorite seasonally adventure in Jamaa?
Hmmm I am not sure

3. Which do you like better, the new Gabby's Animal Hospital or the old clinic
I like Gabby's Animal Hospital better XD

3. Of all the lands in Jamaa (Oceans included) which one has your favorite music
Defiantly Crystal  Reef, one time when I was writing my book I just turned on Animal Jam, went to Crystal Reef, and just to listen to the music XD

4. On a scale of 1-10 how creepy do you rate the music in The Deep Blue.
I rate it a 10 o,o when I was listening to it more closely, Mr Boo screamed in another room, and for a second I thought it was part of the music O,O \

5. What's something weird you find on the Animal Jam World Map?
The Giant mushrooms in Sarepia Forest XD

6.What is something in Jamaa's lands you never really notice.
The little table by Captain somethings juice hut XD

7. What's one of the prettiest things in Jamaa?
I have always loved this building, and it has my two fav colors on it XD 

Anway that was fun to do! :D 
I now tag. 

Kraft (Ya can do it in the comments XD) 

Have fun doing this tag guys! :D 
Ja983/Husky Ninja/Beegsy/King/Jade/Huskylover/bleep/bleep/bleep out! XD 
I will continue Buddy spotlight next week, 
And I can't do Fix my Eyes because my mom REALLY wants me off the computer so see ya later guys! :D 
*Husky Ninja 


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