Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blogger Portrait -- Cuterebecca!

Hellooooooooo, pplz! What's up? Karalee here!

I've been busy researching writing stuff with Mom. NaNoWriMo tips and worldbuilding techniques and character profiles... I've also been designing a new species of "monster" for a story. ("Monster" in quotes because they're really a kind of creature... the word monster is rather ambiguous and derogatory in definition.)

They've got lots of joints (so they're extremely flexible), and they have mantis-like heads, and very long claws! (They were supposed to look quite creepy, being intended as antagonists, but I'll admit I'm starting to see them as a little cute. Oops.)

There's a lot to think about when creating a species! So many directions and possibilities to explore! I hope to post some sketches of them another time. 😊

(A lot of what I've got so far is little, silly cartoons of author-vs-creation shenanigans. Generally me'n'them driving each other batty. 😜)

ANYway! XD Let's get to the real purpose of today's post -- Flora Cutegirl's Blogger Portrait!

Here's her comment requesting a portrait!

However, I completely messed up on the username when gathering the reference photo, and accidentally looked on the wrong account!

This Deer's animal name was close to the one requested... and I accidentally ended up with a rough sketch of a sweater-dress-wearing chibi with a pizza on her head before realizing my mistake. (No pics of that, though -- sorry.)

Here's the REAL reference photo -- and here's the finished Blogger Portrait! *insert the customary fanfare* Ta-daaaaaaaaa!

Flora's form only listed the color of her hair, not the length or style... so I tried to wing it. 😬 I hope it's okay, Flora! 😯

One of the most complicated pieces of clothing for Flora's portrait was the Straw Crown, but I'm very happy with how it turned out! 😃 There's not much to say about the Worn Blanket (converted into a Worn Dress) or the Silver Chain.

For the background, I used a dusky green background, then used the pattern brush called Victorian in a slightly lighter shade, then created a sort of hazy spiral using a reduced-opacity Wood pattern brush. (Why I used Wood, I don't know.)

That's all for now! I'll see you guys around! 😁 *waves* Bye!




  1. Replies


  2. That’s so GOOD! :O

    Are you taking more chibi requests? Cause I have one in minddddd.... XD

    1. Iiiiiiis iiiiiiit... THE FLASH?? *giant goofy grin* I would LOVE to draw Barry!

      And no, I haven't forgotten that time when we talked about drawing a tiny Thomas Brodie-Sangster... I'm just not sure if I can bring even more "cute factor" to a face with such big eyes to start with?

      Do you think it's possible, Lost?? DO YOU?? XDDDDD


    2. Uh, that actually wasn't what I had in mind. o,o BUT SURE!!! XD BARRY ALLEN WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hehe, it'd be hardddddddddddddddddddd. BECAUSE HE IS VERY CUTE. XD

      DO YOU think it's possible?!!! XDDD

      But uh yeah, that wasn't the request I was gonna ask. XD

  3. :O Wow!! I can never draw like that!! Keep up the good work!! <3



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