Wednesday, November 22, 2017

AJ Blogger Museum?! Coming Soon to uhm a den near YOU!

Hey Jammers! Today I need to ask you all a few questions, for a really cool den I plan to do! So you know the mannequins? On Saturday, I had the idea to make an AJ Blogger Museum! With every single blogger's main look as a mannequin, and above them a masterpiece describing them!
Here are a few questions I need EVERYBODY (EVEN IF YOU DONT OWN A BLOG!!!) to answer! (If you cannot comment on blogs, then just tell me on AJ! and I'll write them down!)
Okay here are the questions!

When you joined Blogging:(Or the rouge date, but as close as you can get it :D) 
When you joined AJ (Again,the rough date) 
For example: Sarah enjoys blogging, exploring *blah blah blah blah*  
Try to keep it kinda short, but not like 5 words short ;)  
Main Look: (Animals and item colors included!) 

And I will add your mannequin as soon as possible! (Masterpieces will take a little longer, and I may   have to change a few things so it gets approved)

Sorry for the short post! Lots of cleaning today as tomorrow is Thanksgiving! (ALREADY!?!?!? MAN THIS YEAR HAS GONE BY SO FAST!!!)

Have a good, happy, and thankful Thanksgiving everybody! God bless!


  1. When I Started Blogging: September 26th, 2014
    When I Joined AJ: 2013... and... hmm, it was a few days after my birthday. I'd say... September 15th?
    Introduction: Swirlshine is a very random and silly blogger who loves Warriors, Animal Jam, Owl City, drawing, and making her friends happy!
    Main Look: I... think you know this one by now. XDDD!

  2. And have a great Thanksgiving as well, Sarah! :D

    1. Thank you! :DD Yes I do XDD

      You too SwirL! :DDD

  3. Wow! Great idea!

    I started blogging in August 2014 and I joined AJ around October or November of 2013!

    Intro: Arctic is a fun-loving adventurer who loves making new friends! She enjoys playing Animal Jam, making music, and reading, but most of all- making her friends laugh with her silly jokes!

    Main Look: Light Brown Raccoon with Dark Brown "Mask" pattern and white raccoon pattern (I don't really know how to explain it haha). Wears an acorn hat, green violin, green leg armor, and a pinecone necklace.

    Dangit! There isn't a raccoon mannequin out yet! Ack! I hope they release one soon!

    - Arctic

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah DX (For now I can do your fox temporarily? perhaps?) So they need: Raccoon, wolf, deer, and owl :/

    2. And a hyena one, XD

      -Swirlshine on her phone

  4. This is gonna look really cool, Sarah! It’d be cool if you drew a picture of them too and then made a sign to go on the outside that said, all the bloggers names.

    Started Blogging: April 22, 2014
    Started playing Aj: Near end of June 2013
    Intro: An AJ Jammer, who loves animals, drawing, blogging and more!
    Main animal: My goat? Or you could do my seal but it doesn’t have any items on it right now since I’m nm. But you could do my bunny?

  5. When you joined Blogging: I started reading AJFC (the first blog I ever read) around spring of 2017. :D
    When you joined AJ: Around AJ'S birthday of 2015.
    Introduction: I enjoy animals, reading blogs, watching TV, fangirling over Disney, reading the Bible, being a Christian, watching YouTube, and more!
    Main Look: Prancing Arcticfox


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