Wednesday, November 29, 2017

AJHQ Obsessed Over Youtubers Too Much.. Even with MANNEQUINS?!

Hi Jammers! Today I bring you a sorta short ranty post!

About mannequins! 
AJHQ obsesses over youtuebrs WAYYYYYY too much, how do they do it with mannequins?
Wistera, cheese tiger, random, sloth meme youtube thing (I forget what it was XD) Pilot penguin/Sethhy,

Gelly, Bepper, ALMOST EVERY SINGLE YOUTUBER, popular, Candle Crocs/AJHQ

And idk why XD
It's getting reallllllly annoying how much AJHQ obsesses over youtubers :/ 
There is a rumor going around that they get free membership! I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.I mean, they do get free toys (Even though they are like about 16, older then that)  Its getting annoying.

Sorry for the short post guys DX 
Stay safe and Jam on!!


  1. Yeaaaaaaaah, I AM glad though that they made bunny and wolf mannequins. Then we can have your main look or Ja's and Swirl's main look. ^.^ WE JUST NEED A DEER. XDDDD

    *swifts uncomfortably in chair* Uhh... *scratches neck* *looks down and says quietly* But I'm almost 16... and I like AJ toys... *sobs*



      XDDD Ik but thats different because- ack so hard to explainnnnnnnnnnnn XD (Actually I think they are over 18, IDK XDD)

  2. I was a weeeee bit suspicious about those mannequins.... I totally agree with ya, Sarah!

  3. Prayers needed... my aunt ( I think ) passed away. My grandma mad mom are very upset. She has to leave my state to go see my grandma and my little sisters have bad separation anxiety. Thank you 😥 -Penelopeiscute

    1. Aww DX DX I'll be praying for you Pen! I hope everything gets better :)

    2. Awww Hope everything works out and you feel better Remember God is still in control. :)
      *Husky Ninja

    3. Oh my gosh D: I'm so so sorry, Pen! I know personally how hard it is to see your family struggle when you've lost a loved one. :c I'll be praying for you, Pen! I know that there will be hope in the end. :) *Huggies*

      Remember, God made YOU!


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