Friday, August 28, 2015

New And Leaving Item's!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! And today I will be telling you about the new and leaving item's! Okay so first off we will start in Jam-Mart Clothing. We have the new, member's only Steampunk Monocle for 500 gem's. The new, non-member Silver Chain for 600 gem's. And the new, member's only Beret for 300 gem's. Now we also have a few item's that will be leaving Jam-Mart Clothing as well. And those item's are: The non-member Round Glasses for 300 gem's that will be leaving in 8 day's. Then lastly we have the member's only Flip Flop's for 350 gem's that will be leaving in 7 day's.  Now onto Jam-Mart Furniture. We have only leaving item's from this shop! The leaving item's are: The member's only Vine Flower Lamp for 375 gem's leaving in 10 day's. We also have the member's only Vine Rug for 350 gem's leaving in 9 day's. I also said about these item's awhile ago but I will just give a short reminder. The rest of the Mechanical Furniture will be leaving within a few day's. And then in Epic Wonder's we just have the member's only Peridot Birthstone for 1,500 gem's leaving in 4 day's. And that's all for today, jammer's! Comment down below what item your sad about leaving, and what item your happy returned! Jam On!

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