Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lemur Update!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here! As you may or may not know, today is Update-Day! But today, Animal Jam was a little delayed with getting the update up and running. That caused a big uproar. Me and my friend Sarahkey8 were hanging out today, and I saw a comment on the Daily Explorer saying that people were getting upset in Draa, Jamaa Township, because the update had not yet arrived. But it turns out people weren't protesting there, they were protesting in AJHQ's den... Me and Sarah went, and it was crazy! People were all standing around in the main room of AJHQ's Sir Gilbert Palace, but then me and Sarah were able to get a bunch of people to stand on the tree branch upstairs and instead.

People were not happy the update had not arrived. But then a little bit after lunch time (Pacific Timing) the update finally arrived! Heres the Jamaa Journal!

As you can see, Lemurs are here! Sadly, I do not have enough diamonds to get one. I hope to get enough soon though! 
Now for the next page!

On this page, theres a new adventure! But the portal is closed.. 

But, someone told me if I play Hidden Falls, the portal will unlock! And it did! Im going to play it later. 
Now for the third page!

You can now like masterpieces! To like a masterpiece, you have to click the heart button, located on the left side of a masterpiece. After you like it, the heart should look like this. 

Now for page 4!

On this page, it says how The Medical Center in Kimbara Outback, is now Gabby's Animal Hospital! Heres some pictures of it! 

Heres the outside of the building. 

And heres where you walk in. It looks the same downstairs except for the green flooring, which I believe is a new addition. 

But upstairs has changed a lot. Im going to miss the old Medical Center, but maybe this place will draw more people in!

Next to the Giraffe painting, is this strange painting.. Im not sure if this is a hippo or not.. Comment below what you think it is!
Now for the 5th page! 

There is now Pet Adoption Certificates! Heres what they look like!

Some of the pet favorite foods are a tiny bit disturbing.. Heres some strange ones I found. 

Its a little strange that AJHQ would choose these as favorite foods, because Tarantulas, Bunnies, and Mice are all on Animal Jam.. 
Now for page 6!

On the left side of this page, it says that the Bounce House Den is back in the Diamond Shop! On the right side of the page, theres a new African Animal Exhibit in the Conservation Museum! Heres a picture of it!

Lets move onto the 7th page!

On this page, it says that Animal Jam Retail Gift Cards are going to be on sale September 19th, through October 9th at GameStop in the United States! Pretty cool! 

I hope you enjoyed todays Update post! Comment below on what you think of this new update! 

By the way, Im really sorry I haven't posted up pictures from my trip! I'll probably be putting some up on Saturday. Sorry for the delay!

Heres todays Bible verse!

Isaiah 12:2

See, God has come to save me. I will trust in him and not be afraid. The LORD GOD is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.

Remember, God made YOU! 


  1. i like this update. the favorite foods of pets are a bit disturbing sometimes. i like how you can like masterpieces.the lemurs are cute.
    ajhq did a good job on this update.


  2. This update is really cool!
    Lemurs and the new part of River Falls are member. But still really cool! Liking masterpieces is really cool! Snowyclaw will get lots of likes! Gabby Wild is really cool too! My favorite out of all of them (Tierny, Bradly, and now Gabby)
    Pet Certificates? OH YEA! #PETS4EVER I wonder if they will make special items for the pets. Like special toys? Also one of my pets the thing is frogs O.O
    This update was really cool! :D

  3. I believe it's a seal. Yes, those are animals in AJ, but they are also authentic food sources of the Pets in the wild.

    I haven't seen a GameStop store where I live. Do you know where their "range" is?



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