Monday, September 26, 2016

Rare Pirate Hook

Hey Hey Hey! What up, Jammers?

Here's your weekly RIM post!

Today's Rare Item is the Rare Pirate Hook! Let's take a look at this interesting item!

The  colors are orange and green, just like the recently-released Rare AJ Wristband. It is one of the few underwater RIMs, and is currently being sold in the clothing shop Bahari Bargains. This cool item is perfect for creating a pirate look, and is sure to be a hit with any RIM collector.

This week's Rare Item Monday was one to remember! Post a comment saying what your guess for the next RIM will be!


1 comment:

  1. Hey Gracie, this is for the next "Plushie scene"
    this is what I'll need,
    1. the four plushies by the river in the Sky Den
    2. As MANY phantom plushies around them
    3. YOU ON! XD
    Ok next time you're on we'll try to do this XD
    *King Tough Bunny


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