Monday, January 23, 2017

Rare Pillbox Hat, Jamaasian High Brainstorming, And Commission Communique

Hello, Jammers! Karalee here!

This week's Rare Item is the Rare Pillbox Hat!

It's a beautiful combination of aqua and peach, and is a lovely addition to a dressy outfit.

(Y'know what I want? I want a Rare Princess Dress in that aqua color. 😋 Just thought of that, and really wanted to share.)

Isn't it lovely? 😊

The second topic of this post... I'm kinda stuck for. I've got a bit of a plotline for Jamaasian High - Karalee Edition, but no chapters written. I really want to write the celebrity Jammers with credibility, but don't know their personalities. Not to mention the amalgamation of real life and Jamaa needed for this genre.... (Warning: this might turn into a bit of a brainstorm session. Will you guys help me in the comments? If you could please post suggestions or answers in the comments, that'd be wonderful. 😁)

Imma need coffee for this. *gets her cup* So, I really want to just type out my thoughts here, kinda like a journal or something. Would you guys be okay with that?

The plot is a mystery story... anything other than that would be spoilersssssssss. 😖(Eeeeeeeevil spoilers! 😆) The main character is heavily based on my first fanfiction character, Ida. She's a sort of kid spy... kinda. The truth is, she's a teenage amnesiac unofficially apprenticed to a Jamaasian secret agent. 😐 Yeah, I sorta pulled out all the stops there with creating that character. 😋

Thing is, she's gonna have to be called Karalee to be in keeping with the JH tradition. Just know that my real life is nowhere near that exciting. CX

I need to research real-life high school scenarios to get the proper schedule... and I need to know what sort of things normally happen at a high school, for that matter. (I'm homeschooled, so I've never been to one.)

I do know that the story will need a lot of editing before being turned into a novel, so you guys will be getting a first draft on my blog. It probably won't be amazing... as they say, write your first draft with your heart. Might be a little mushy and weird. (Annnnnd I realized I just described my stew recipe.... 😆) Anyway.

I want the main character to be kind of weird, if you know what I mean. A bit of a goof in normal life (and in ordinary motor skills), but serious in any dangerous situations, with a strong protective instinct. In short, she's the kind of person who can execute an amazing high-kick to an assailant's chest, but has definitely tripped over her own feet more than once in five minutes, and planted her sleeve directly in her lunch.

Most of her personality has been influenced by the agent she is apprenticed to, Cyril Warren. (He just goes by Warren, for obvious reasons. 😉) He is the person who found her with no memories, and rescued her. His character can't be in this story much, but I really want to portray the positive influence he's had on her life, and don't really know how to skillfully do that. Any ideas?

The last piece of this post is in response to a communication from Graciepopstar91 relating to a commissioned piece of art, and I would like to inform her that I am very sorry I did not pursue the subject more closely. I do in fact need more information about the characters I will be drawing, and I will be in touch about that. I also left a comment on my blog DXplorergirl relating to this.

Thank you, Jammers! I will see you next week!



  1. I keep forgetting to get the RIMS O.o

    Can I maybe carry Supercat around in my backpack? And she can say certain words (If its not to hard to explain XDD I understand if the answer is no for talking though O.O XDD)
    SC wanted to make a OC but I said no for obvious reasons, at least I hope they are obvious XDD

    1. Hmmmmmmmm. :) Interesting idea! I don't think I can make her "talk" like a parrot, but I do know that cats can be trained to say certain words, like "no-no-no-no-no", or "I mreowve you" (:P) or "ma-ma". Would you like that?


    2. Yes! That would be great! Thanks! :D

  2. Hi care a its me tox 7! he he I just was on and i was saying
    so then a person comes and i wanted this SUPER SUPER EPIC art it was a fire wolf OMG i love it so she was like i can make you a copy water or fire wolf so i said water
    THEN SHE SAID! you dont have to trade for it and ill gift it to you so then i gifted a masterpiece (not made by me)
    to her and i hope she likes it (oops i said her idk if um that person is a girl or a boy but she is nice)

  3. Can I be one of ur best friends in the series? Or like someone who knows already that your an spy?

  4. I made my first post on my blog! :3 Go check it out maybe?

  5. :OOO SPIES! Spies are cool. Dove is kind of a geek, so if she knew your character was a spy, she would probably geek out and ask if you had a grappling hook, and if so, please please please could she use it? Or at least hold it? Or look at it? GRAPPLING HOOKS ARE AWESOME! xD

    1. "Uhm... o.o I don't - actually - have a grappling hook.... I just kinda punch people. o_o And I'm not technically a spy!" *holds finger up to emphasize point* *lets it slowly curl down as she looks at Dove's excited face*

      "..." *sigh* "You think I'm a spy, don't you?" -_-

      :P That might be how it'd go. I'm not sure how many people will know about the secret-agent-thing in the end, but I do know that the point is to be a secret agent. Very sorry to disappoint, but it can't be too many, if anyone at all.


    2. XD I know, I figured Dove likely wouldn't ever know your character was a spy, but that's what Dove's like XD Dang, I want a grappling hook now...

    3. Haha, sorry! I didn't know...

    4. Hey, no prob. :P I figured that maybe some characters might end up entangled in a spy-related mess with her... but I'm not sure how many can actually know SHE is a spy. ]:L Hmmmmmmmm. *thinks on it*



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