Saturday, January 21, 2017

My First Post, Art/Christian Conspiracy Happy Birthday Kara!

Hello everyone! It's me Pooky bear, with my first post!
I'll be posting once every month, about conspiracy's, things that would be useful to the game, and things like that.
This Post won't be very long, but it's just something I wanted to cover!

Do you know the Cross Masterpiece in Hyenine1 den? 
Sarah said that this person sent this in like 20 times or so to get it approved!
So I got the impression AJHQ didn't want things related to Christianity in the game.
They might have just approved it, because they got sick of it wanting it to be approved.
(I have no idea when this was made)

Then, not to long ago my friend tox7 tried to make a Cross masterpiece, 
And he said is was approved on the FIRST try! 
I was like WHAA?!

Did you ever notice that the word Christian, is in the word list on Animal Jam?
He is my theory, someone in AJHQ is a Christian.
And maybe that person snuck it in. 
And then that person was on duty approving Masterpieces.
I'm still working on this a little bit.
Signing out Pooky Bear
(And now Ja will do the Happy Birthday Kara)

And a 1
And a 2
And a
From me (ja) and Pooky bear! 
Hope you have a wonderful birthday, 
Don't forgot, 
You can't have cake without ice cream! 
I shall send you something in the mail! 
On Animal Jam
(If I could send you something IRL I would XD) 


  1. I'm guessing the reason why spikethefrog's masterpiece wouldn't get approved would probably be because Animal Jam wants their game to be fun for kids of all religions, so maybe they weren't sure if they should approve the cross masterpiece. However, I do not believe that they are against religions or Christianity, and perhaps they changed their masterpiece policy to be more lenient to allowing religious masterpieces.

  2. I made a Bible masterpiece. I hope it gets approved, because I won't stop sending it in until it is.

    1. Yeah, i'm working on a Cross masterpiece right now,
      It'll be done soon

    2. Edit: It was approved! First try! :D

  3. It annoys me that you can say Goddess but not God in restricted that. What's that about, AJHQ?



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