Monday, January 30, 2017

Rare Arm Cuffs, And More Frogsloth

Helloooooo, Jammers! It's Karalee! 😁

Today we've got a wonderful Rare Item, the Rare Arm Cuffs!

These blue and brown cuffs would make a lovely addition to an Adventurer's or roleplayer's outfit!

I needed to wear a different dress so that they would show up. The sleeves were in the way. 😋

We've also got a special treat, two more chapters of the Frogsloth from my mother! 😁 I really love what she's doing with the series, she has a real talent for plot!

The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 25th Entry

Dear Diary,
I slipped quietly under the surface as Lieutenant whisper-shouted at me to  get back in the canoe.
No way.  I can’t leave him behind.
I made my way to the nearest bank, planning to circle back through the trees.  My wet Princess Dress was definitely not going to be helpful.  It clung to my hind legs as I scrambled up the shallow incline over roots and knees.
At least it’s not white anymore, I thought.  Mud color complements the camo much better.  I half-smiled at myself, having become incomprehensibly calm after the pure panic of the last hour.
Carefully, slowly, I picked my way through the pathless forest toward the spot I had last seen Uncle Barron.  
And there he was, surrounded by the thugs who had crashed into Walter’s home.  Incredibly, he hadn’t drawn the crossbow and tried to defend himself.  And since none of his adversaries seemed to have other weapons (kinda weird, I thought), they stood facing each other and speaking in low, angry voices.
I tried to silently sneak closer and could just make out snatches of their conversation.
“... key to increasing production…”
“...well, why didn’tcha tell her…?”
“... sent a message…”
This was getting scary.  These guys clearly knew Uncle Barron, called him “Doc”.  I guessed because of his doctorate in… biochemistry, was it?  Hard to remember after all these years.
And he seemed to have ties of some sort to whoever had sent them after him, who knew why?  “The Boss” that Kelow had mentioned clearly wanted him and was willing to take him by force.
Brave Uncle Barron had given himself up to keep them off our tails!  I had never really held him to be the hero type, but he had surely proven himself today.
Well, now it was my turn to help him, but how?  Lieutenant was probably deep in the swamp by now and I was on my own.  Unless….
Swiftly but silently, I backed deeper into the woods and circled far behind the group at the shore of the pond.  I had to get back to Walter’s house.  Maybe he would help me….
If was even still there.

The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 26th Entry

Dear Diary,
As I came barreling down the stairs into the entry of Walter’s burrow, I tripped over my hem and tumbled into the living area.  The furniture was still strewn around the room and slivers of green glass carpeted the area near the kitchen door.
Had Walter escaped?  Had he fled into the forest until the coast was clear?
I hurried from room to room, snatching open every door I could find.  I didn’t dare call out, in case the hoodlums were headed back toward me.
At first, each room and the closet (yes, there was, in fact, a linen closet) seemed empty. But as I checked again on my way back up the hall, I noticed what seemed to be a rather large moss-covered hanging basket in the corner of the bedroom.  The red flowers seemed dwarfed by it and I wondered…
“Walter?”  Nothing moved, and I felt silly.  But as I turned to go I heard a shifting sound behind me and glanced back to see Walter’s eyes peeking over the back rim of the pot.
“Are you alone?” he asked calmly.  I nodded, and he uncurled his furry green body from around the basket of salvia.  
“They’re by the pond,”  I croaked (if you will pardon the expression).  “I don’t know if they’ll be coming back or not.”
“Follow me,” Walter ordered more than suggested, and once again I complied.  Strangely, despite his former - understandable - rage, I knew I could trust him.
He led me down the hall again, to the last door on the left.  Inside, as I knew from my hurried search for him moments before, was a small storage room stacked with odds and ends.  He entered and motioned for me to pass him as he closed and locked the door from the inside.
In the darkness, I could barely make out his form but he took me by the paw and led me to the back left corner of the room.  Shoving aside a pair of water skis and scuba gear, he uncovered a narrow door.  Unlocking it, he led me into a passageway that was barely wider that the door.  If my whiskers had still been intact, they would have brushed both walls.
“Close the door quietly and lock it with this,” he said, handing me an old-fashioned iron skeleton key.
“But I need -”
“We’ll talk shortly,” he interrupted.  “Lock the door, please.”
I locked it and handed him back his key, wondering how far away from Uncle Baron this tunnel would lead us.  The feeling of panic began to gather again in my breast.
He turned and crept as quickly as a Sloth can down the passageway, disappearing into the gloom.

Thank you, and I'll see you all next time!



  1. Why do I want to make a picture of the Frog-sloth (Or should I call him Walter XD?) peeking out of the pot?... I'm as bad as you now, Kara. IT'S A VIRUS AND I'VE CAUGHT IT IM GONNA DIE :: lays on the floor pretending to be unconscious :: :: then gets up and says one word :: Drawwww... Must.... Make.... Others.... Draw...

    ~.*FrozenDrawer*.~ I mean, ~.*FrozenWarrior*.~

  2. I can't wait to read more! Seriously.... PLEASE WRITE MORE!

    1. I didn't write this, my mom did! :D She got kinda sick of the cliffhanger I left it on. XD She's very good, huh?



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