Saturday, January 28, 2017

What Valentimes Day is REALLY About + New Story Idea

Hello everyone, remember when I did a post about 'Where Christmas Traditions REALLY Came From'? (You can view that post Here
Well, today I'm going to kinda do the same thing with Valentimes Day too! Except I'll tell the story, which I NEVER heard untill my mom got me a CD, called Adventures in Odyssey (they are VERY good, and Christian too!) 
And the episode was called, The Last I Do, And it told the story of Valentimes Day! 
OK enough talking here is the story of Valentimes Day.
Now I couldn't find any good sites, that had the plan story, and I'm not the best at telling real stories, but .. here it goes!
A LONG time ago, there was a priest named Valentine (Yes that was his name) And he preformed marriages.
After he had just finished preforming one, a message for Emperor Claudius II, saying that due to not enough soldiers joining the army, marriage had been outlawed! 
Valentine and his son Titus were stunned! especially since Titus was looking to get married soon!
Then the next day Valentine was woken by pounding on his door, it was Paulena Titus's future wife! I THINK that's how you spell it)
Anyway she told him that Titus was preaching against the new law, and was arrested! 
That night, Valentine and Paulena, went to the prison. 
Valentine had rescued quite a few other imprisoned Christians. and had made some loose rocks, so he could take them out and put them back in. 
So he and Paulena did just that. 
Right as soon as Titus came out, he said he was preparing to die. And all he could think  about was her face, and then he proposed to her. 
The next day they had the ceremony, but as they were doing that soldiers came and arrested Valentine!
While Valentine was in prison, everyday a servant name Julia, would give him a meal. 
They would talk for a few minutes till Julia had to go back to work. Everyday Valentine would say thank you for the meal, and tell her that he was praying for her.
And Julia was healed! 
After some time after being in prison Emperor Claudius II called Valentine, to have him give up his 
faith and have him stop preforming marriages. of coarse he declined.
And so Valentine was executed on the fourteenth of February.
And that is the story of St. Valentine, and the reason behind the holiday. 
Like I said earlier, I had NEVER heard this story before I heard that CD.

Now onto the next thing, I want to do one project at a time, As you know, I"m doing the Fix My Eyes By For King and County right now. 
But yesterday we watched the movie "Petes Dragon" (live action) 
I liked it a lot, And I thought I could do a 'Dog' version of it.
Do you think that's a good idea? 
If you guys think it is, I'll start next week.
Tell me in the comments how bad you want it to come!
2. I'm existed! 
3. Sounds fun!
4. Meh 
5. Not that excited
SO I'm going to try to spread up the Fix My Eyes project I'll do 2 pictures every week.
So here is it. 

Stand face to face with the younger me!

All of the Mistakes.

*King Tough Bunny


  1. Gracie! I didn't notice the Daily Masterpiece thing! Did you just add that today?
    *King Tough Bunny


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