Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Over Rated Animals and Items, and Animals That Should Be Used MORE+An Update

                      Hey Jammers! Sarahkey8 here with another post!
But ay, they are good for gems

On the old daily spin, I got diamonds a bunch on this member spin, I get gifts, cri!

*clears throat*
Anyways, today we are talking about over rated animals and items!
Spikes are just... over rated.......
Sure they look cool on somethings
Seriously though, if you think about it, its pretty weird, especially sense spikes on some animals glitch into their HEADS.
I mean seriously, I think studded collars are much safer.. 

The 2nd over rated item has got to be a tiki mask. I have NO idea why those things are rare! I mean they are so ughly. Image result for animal jam tiki mask
Who wants to wear that.... ughly ughly UGHLY
Gross, I cant even talk about it anymore!
The third is Elf Bracelets,
Image result for animal jam elf bracelets
They look cool, I'll give you that, but almost every single Warrior Cat roleplayer wears them! 
And now the last overrated thing. 
Arctic Wolves 

They are everywhere.
Literally. Idk why, I mean foxes look good in almost every item, armor looks amazing on them. 
Im not saying its bad to have an arctic wolf,
But there is something in common with all those arctic wolves... I'll leave you to find it! 
Comment Call What do all the arctic wolves have in common?
I didn't even do it on accident XDD
And now we move onto the next subject!
Animals that should be used more! (In no order)

1. Deer 
I made this look in a matter of seconds.
Deer are really cool, but pretty much only used in the Jamaalidays 
 Even though they are really cool (Right Lost? XD)  
#Be a deer!
(Speaking of deer they are leaving today!

2. Otters 
Like deer, otters are amazing! But for some reason they are almost never used! Items fit pretty well on them, and they are just plain cute.
3. Raccoons
Like all of above, raccoons are really cool! When I first joined Animal Jam they were pretty popular, but now not so. I don't why! They are adorable!
4. Foxes 
JUST like raccoons, when I joined Animal Jam they were very popular! But now, they aren't like the 'extinct' animals as I like to call them, (Like Sharks, Dolphins, Octopus, Rhino's, Monkeys, and Elephants,) I see more penguins then I do foxes!
5. Pigs 

This really amazes me, pigs were the first non member diamond shop animal, and the first nm animal AJHQ had released in a long time! There was a GIANT hype about them, and now nobody plays them! And some nms still complain about animals being member.
If AJ released another nm animal, it would end up like the pig, and people would continue to only play bunnies, wolves and penguins.

The reason why Giraffes aren't on this list is because, they made a giant comeback when AJHQ made them non member, I never ever EVER saw them before AJHQ made them nm. Now I see them lots, everywhere!   

As some of you may or may not know, my little brother who is 6 months old, Boo Boo No his name is not actually Boo Boo thats his nickname XDD
is having surgery today, my mom said at like 12:00 in the afternoon. (Central timing) So please pray for him..
Something was bleeding in his stomach, so they have to take out some of his intestines, my mom and Boo might have to stay like a week depending on how much they will have to take out..
My mom said I'll think about it when I asked her if I could show you guys a picture of him! XDDD

And I will not be doing the Blogger Portal, because I need to write chapters for Gracie's Story Contest! So once I'm done with that, I will write it!
So please pray for Boo! 

Well, that's all for now Jammers!  And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee!



    All arctic wolves usually wear spikes.

  2. Polar bears are incredible animals, and I think I'm the only Jammer who uses a polar bear as a main look (I'm saying 'a' main look because I have 2 main looks in AJ XD)

    I think Arctic Wolves are very common because they were one of the very first Diamond Shop animal, and because spikes look good on them XD

    (To the comment call, the arctic wolves are all wearing spikes. Can someone explain to me how spikes are one of the rarest items in the game, even though practically everyone has one? Rare is supposed to mean 'hard to get' or that there aren't many of them XD)

    I've been praying for Boo Boo. I hope he gets through surgery OK!

    1. OOPS I FORGOT POLAR BEARS XDD I will edit this later mwaha to lazy rn! XD

      Lol yeah, an overrated item on an overrated animal ;) XD

      Yes lol

      Uh they were a member gift, why are short collars rarer then long collars, short collars were released first, so more Jammers were playing when long collars came out.... O.O XD

      Ty, me too :)

  3. I totally agree with ya, But I don't see Penguin's that much. And spikes are cool, but I don't use them that much. I also love dears and otters! Yay! :P Also, The masterpiece I made you is still being approved, hopefully it will be done soon! :)

    PS: All the arctic wolves have spiked collars on. Xd

    1. I see them all the time XD
      Yay! :D TY TY TYSMMM! You are an amazing artist! :D

      Yes XDDDD

  4. I was gonna say that all the arctic wolves have spikes when I saw Gfox beat me to it! XD

    I agree with all you said except the elf bracelets. I really like them. XD But yeah, they are quite overused. But not as much as arctic wolves.

    Honestly, loads of bloggers have an arctic wolf for their main. Which is why I picked a very unused animal. There's like... 5 or 6 bloggers with an arctic wolf for their main animal. O,O And there's like a LOT of YouTubers that have arctic wolves for their main...

    Actually, I see loads of foxes. My personal favorite animals are: arctic foxes, foxes, snow leopards, cougars, raccoons, otters, and deer.

    Another overused animal is an eagle. I hardly see any owls flying around!
    Another unused animal is the horse. I really like the horse but it's hard to put clothes on them... Oh! And the lions, polar bears, rhinos, elephants, and crocs are very unused....

    Praying for Boo Boo! So is my family. :) In Jesus name he has no pain and he is healed.

    1. XD!

      Lol ikr?

      Yeah especially the youtubers..

      Huh, I don't see them very much XDDD

      I realized that after I made my post lol, I always see them now, XDDD

      Thank you :)

  5. To answer why long Spiked Collars and Wristbands are "rarer" and everyone is wearing them, supply does not matter as much as demand.

    Long Rare Spiked Collars look "cooler", or more impressive. Many people who have them, wear them. It's their goal that they've achieved (obtaining a Spiked Collar), and they probably want to show all of Jamaa that they've done it.

    Another factor is also wanting to be like the "cool kids" - the YouTubers - and also those Jammers with many rare items, who are well-established in the community, and respected by many for that.

    But the most important thing to remember when it comes to items is, as a very good (and incidentally very rich) buddy of mine says, "Rare is as rare does".

    Continuing in prayers for Boo Boo! May he come home soon!

    (Side note: To anyone with the app Jamaa Amino For Animal Jam (commonly known as AJ Amino), my username there is Karalee, the same as my user in-game. I'm a beginner with using the app, but I hope to have the equivalent of another blog there soon(ish)!)

    :peace:, :hearts:, :sneaky:!



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