Sunday, July 26, 2015

New And Leaving Item's!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! There are some new and leaving item's that have come to Jamaa. And we have some returning item's in the summer carnival! There are two returning items are they are the Epic Sun Hat, And the Epic Star hat. I don't have a picture (I don't know how to post picture's lol!) But the colors the Epic Sun Hat come in are Yellow, Magenta, (I think) Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Red, And White. Now the colors for the Epic Star Hat are, Yellow, Light Pink, A Blueish Green, Yellow with a Red hat, White with a Black hat, Yellow with a Purple hat, Yellow with a Orange hat, And Blue with a Black hat. Now we have some item's leaving in Jam-Mart Furniture. Most of the Mechanical Furniture is leaving! The Lunar Footprint's with one day left, The Lunar Rover with two day's left, The Display Meteorite with three day's left, The Space Crater with four day's left, The Rover Track's with five day's left, The Space Control Center with seven day's left, The Space Satellite With eight day's left, The Space Commander Chair with nine day's left, And the Space Air-Lock with ten day's left. And in the Diamond Shop there is a new Koala Claw, it is for sale for three Diamond's. And then in Treetop Garden's we have the Larkspur Bouquet leaving with six day's left, And the Larkspur Leaving in six day's also. Then in Epic Wonder's we have the Ruby Birthstone leaving in six Day's. In Sunken Treasure's we have a new underwater Pool Table, How cool! And that is everything that is leaving and the is new in Jamaa! Hope you guy's enjoyed, Jam On!

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