Thursday, July 23, 2015

Too much news! (Jamaa Journal)

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here with the most recent Jamaa Journal! 

                                                                       Page 1

Horray!!! A bounce house den is here! Now we can have our own bounce house parties! This new den is located in the diamond shop with the table of dens, this den is 5 diamonds.

Page 2

At last!! Jamaaildays in July are coming tomorrow!!!! Be sure to get your headphones (in real life) and turn on some christmas music and go to this party! Im sure you will be in the christmas mood!!

Page 3

Oh boy... Ill have to hurry up and get more of those diamond looking things and get that phantom trophy! Because we only have a few more weeks to play Battle For The Beacon... Oh well.

Page 4

Hmm.. Very interesting.. It sure looks like AJHQ leaked a photo of 2 new items! Because they are not at the summer carnival.. Unless you have to change a color or something but i don't think so... Also hyenas are now traveling.

Page 5

Yep.. Just a ad for the ferret... 
Okay! Our next topic is... 

This is the Raccoon Claws last day! Get them while there still in stores!

Remember God made YOU!
Play wild and... JAM ON!

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