Friday, July 31, 2015

Post 102: Zios Balloon and LOTS of leaving items! (Warning! This post will have lots of photos!)

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a new item and LOTS AND LOTS of leaving items! Todays new item is the Zios Balloon!

Sadly im not going to do the Item Worth today because this blog post will already be pretty long... Anyways. This is just my opinion but i think this new balloon is a little creepy... I like the Mira balloon better. Okay next up is the leaving items! First up is in Jam-Mart-Furniture. The space set!

The names of these leaving items are, Space Locker (6 days left), Space Airlock (5 days left), Space Commander Chair (4 days left), Space Satellite (3 days left), and last but not least Space Control Center (2 days left). Okay! Next up are things in still, Jam-Mart-Furniture but just not in the den item set. 

The names of these leaving items are, Beach Ball (10 days left), Flat Couch (9 days left), Wood Lawn Chair (8 days left), Wavy Bookshelf (7 days left). Okay next up are two items from Treetop Gardens! 

The names of these leaving items are, Larkspur (left) last day, Larkspur Bouquet (right) last day. Okay! Next up is an item in Epic Wonders!

The name of this item is Ruby Birthstone (last day). 

Remember God made YOU!

Play wild and... JAM ON!

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