Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Diamond Day!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! And today is Diamond Day! Every Tuesday Member's get a Diamond to spend in the Diamond shop located in Jamaa-Township! And I will be talking a little bit about the Diamond Shop's history. The Diamond shop replaced the Monthly Member Gift's. You maybe asking yourself ''What is a Monthly-Member Gift''? Well that was when AJHQ would send Member's a gift once a month! And that is also where the highly sought after Spike's have came from. The other thing's that have came from the Monthly-Member Gift's are the Archway's, Hot Cocoa Machine, and more. AJHQ has brought back some of the Monthly-Member gift's and that has angered a lot of Jammer's that traded a lot for a certain item that got brought back, like the Cocoa Machine. When they very first came out I went to the Diamond Shop and seen this one girl who was very angry, So I went up to her and asked what was wrong and she said ''They brought back the Cocoa Machine''! ''I traded a Non-Rare Headdress for it''! Most of the controversy has died down. There is also very little for Non-Member's. They can buy gem's, a large Kangaroo Plushie, And Diamond Encrusted Tail Armor, And Diamond Encrusted Gauntlet's. Therefor the Diamond shop does play a important part in Jamaa. It is the only place so far in the game where you can spend Diamond's. And it is also the only place in the game that sell's Diamond Shop Animal's, Pet's, And Den's. Member's can also buy Clothing item's, Den items, Gem's and Music. In December there is a spot in the Diamond Shop where you can buy Christmas item's. There was once a rumor that started that if everyone in the Diamond Shop turned White, With no clothing item's,  With a White Name Tag, And no Pet's, The large Arctic Wolf statue would break and diamond's would fall out and give you diamond's. This is false. AJHQ has also stated this in their blog the Daily Explorer. Now I will give you some tip's on how to use your Diamond's wisely! How I use my Diamond's wisely is I only spend them on the Diamond Shop item's I CAN NOT trade for, Like the Animal's, Pet's, And Den's. And if I want a Diamond Shop item that I can trade for like say a White Feather Tail. (I'm actually trying to get a White Feather Tail lol) I will go out and trade for it to save my Diamond's for Non-Tradable item's. I hope this post has helped you on the Diamond Shop's history and on how to use your Diamond's wisely! Jam On!

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