Sunday, July 26, 2015

Taking a stand: Loving your enemies

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here with my 1st post in my new posting series! Today i will be talking about Loving Your Enemies!
Its hard to forgive your enemies, (enemies meaning bullies scammers etc) but we have to do it. Thats what God wants us to do! Heres an example of how to forgive a bully right on the spot. Lets say two girls named Ashley and Jenny are heading to the park, theres 3 swings and 2 people are on the swings but Ashley and Jenny both want to go on the swings right now! Ashley isnt very nice at all and she yells "IM GOING ON THE SWING JENNY MAYBE FOR A LONG LONG TIME.. YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT HAHA!" Now that was not very nice at all. "Alright Jenny i will wait, thats fine" Jenny replies with a smile. Those six words could change someone for the better. To change them for the better they could think "Wow... She was so kind when i was so rude.. Maybe i should be nicer.."
We should never say mean words back to someone whose being mean to you. You shouldnt say mean words at all! Heres a question for you, you can reply in the comments. How can you be nice to someone today?

Remember God made YOU!

Play wild and... BE KIND!

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