Friday, January 26, 2018

A Journey Through the Lands: Facts and Observations!

Hello Jammers, Arctic here! How are you all doing today?

I recently had a Biology Final Exam! One of the units placed a heavy focus on Ecology - the study of organisms and their surroundings. A big part of this is studying Biomes - the different regions of the Earth sharing certain recognizable characteristics of flora, fauna, and climate!

Studying this made me think- hey! Animal Jam has Biomes! And as the nerd I am, I decided to try and classify them!

I decided to start with Mt. Shiveer first! This land represents the Tundra Biome! Recognizable tundras include the Arctic (not me!) They're characterized by long cold winters, hardy vegetation, extremes in sunlight and darkness, and permafrost! We see a lot of these things throughout the land and in the Journey Book!

The next land I decided to classify was Sarepia Forest- BUT FIRST. Is this a recent development? The firepit usually had to be danced around for Mira to show up, but now she appears every six seconds- without anybody dancing! Maybe she decided to stop appearing when people dance because she doesn't want to be caught in a ring of dabbing Clydesdales.

Based on the characteristics of the Land, I decided that Sarepia Forest is probably a Temperate Deciduous Forest. Most of the trees we see are leafy-looking (and not Rainforest-y). Temperature forests are known to host a variety of plant and shrub life as well as things like ivy, owls, many songbirds, and fungi! We can see this reflected in the Journey Book!

The next Biome I noticed was the Savannah biome- Appondale! Savannahs are wide open plains, with tons of sunlight and extreme heat. They go through dramatic wet and dry seasons, so the animals that live there are tough! We can see many of the animals native to Savannah habitats in the Journey Book - zebras, wildebeests, and warthogs (among others!)

The Lost Temple of Zios is probably a Rainforest! Rainforests are hot, humid, have a ton of precipitation, and are some of the most ecologically diverse places on Earth! The Journey Book has some great examples of animals that would live in the rainforest biome! Also: photobombed by the flying squirrel much?

Sidenote: Does anyone find it weird that lions are called King of the Jungle? Lions don't even live in the Jungle!

As for Coral Canyons, Kimbara Outback, and Crystal Sands, I'm not too sure exactly what biomes they are. My best guess for Kimbara is a desert (despite the lack of sand).

Since "canyon" isn't really a biome type, I'm not so sure about Coral Canyons. Also, since there are somehow pine trees there, so I'm really not sure!

Is "beach" a biome? They definitely can't be deserts- there's so much water there! Hm...

What are your thoughts? Do you think I'm correct? Maybe I'm wrong! Let me know in the comments!

That's all I have for this week my friends- I hope this was informative yet interesting. See you soon!


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