Friday, January 19, 2018

Arctic Has Returned!!

Hello everyone I hope you all are doing-


Hold on, I can explain-


I know! I'm very sorry!

You guys: *starts throwing lemons*

Noo!! Wait!!!!

So! This past month has been crazy hectic for me. School has been EVERYWHERE with Final Exams coming up. The teachers have been loading us up with research papers, assignments, extra tests, and pretty much everything they can think of because the semester is almost over! The exams are in about a week and I'm very stressed out! In addition, new classes will be starting soon so I'm starting to shift gears over there as well.
School isn't all to blame though. I can usually handle school- there are other things going on too.

In addition to school, I've gotten involved in a lot more extracurricular activities lately. Long story short: First, I got involved in a Winter Camp over break for a Rock music program. Then, I ended up enjoying it so much that I signed up for one of their full time programs. Then THEY suggested that I auditioned for their prestigious Band program (the band tours and even goes to major music festivals in the summer!). So, I went ahead and auditioned and I made it in! This means I'll be having two 3-hour rehearsals each week, as well as an hour of piano, and half an hour of guitar (in addition to all my homework). That's alright though, I brought this upon myself, and honestly there's nothing I'd rather be doing!

To throw some more excitement into the mix, I performed a show am preparing for an upcoming piano competition, and got a new phone.

Lastly, I have been trying really hard to sort out some friend issues I'm having in real life. Someone I'm very close to is beginning to change a bit, and I'm having trouble dealing with it. Things are getting difficult, and I'm trying to stay afloat. Making friends can be really hard for introverts like me, haha - I just really want to try and sort out this whole friend deal. I'll manage, but it's been pretty tough.

All of those things combined made it so that posting on blogs and going online just began to slip out of the picture for a while. I found myself getting really overworked and posting didn't have a place to fit into! I'm really sorry about this. Telling people would have been the best thing, as I know everyone would be understanding if I needed to take a break. Things just got so hectic that by the time I noticed I should say something - three weeks had gotten behind me.

Worry not though! I'll be back on my regular posting schedule starting today. The first couple of posts on the various blogs I post for will probably be apologies like this one. I should have everything well sorted out now, and everything will be going back to normal!

Again, my sincerest of apologies to all the people that have gotten concerned over my sudden, unexplained absence. I'm back now, and I won't do this kind of thing again. I just didn't know how to handle all of this new, crazy stuff!

See you around!

Arctic is here!


  1. Welcome Back! I've missed your posts and look forward to reading them in the future! -Penelopeiscute

  2. Welcome back Arctic!!! ^.^ I hope everything gets sorted out with your friend!

  3. Welcome back! I was hoping you were okay, hehe!

    Ah, yeah- I can definitely get what you mean with all the school stuff! Sometimes it can be super stressful! ,:1
    But it's great that you've had so many good things happen to you lately! :D

    And oh man- sounds like the problem I've been having for a while now! I hope everything ends up turning out fine for you and your friend! :o

    Welcome back once again- and don't worry! I think I speak for all of us when I say we all totally understand why you haven't been posting!
    Have a great day! ;D

    1. Welcome back! I totally understand why you haven't been posting, I have lots of homework too. My username is hotdiggydog (weird right?) and hope things go well with your friends!


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