Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blogger Request -- The Maze Runner, Part 1!

Hellooooooo, people!

It's Karalee, one week into my new life as a nocturnal being, and it is going well!

Except for the fact that I am hungry, and I've already eaten twocakes of those noodle things, so I'm not allowed to have more. "But surely there must be other food in the house",  I hear you say. Yes, yes there is. But I don't want seaweed or hashbrowns. So I'm chowing down on... uh... "ydnac hctocsrettub" (something that officially doesn't exist in this house, also something that ensures that in the event of either of my siblings reading/decoding this post, I am toast. Also something that isn't helping the hunger much).

...Long story short, I'll be looking in the fridge again after posting this. (Maybe cheese... mmmm, cheese.)

OKAY! Let's get to the guts of our post!

(Eww, forget I said that. Gross figureof speech.)

Here's the beginning sketchof the Maze Runner chibi versionof the movie poster, asrequested by Violet86271!    <-- Sticky space key kicking in with a vengeance there, huh?

Threeprogress shots this time! This is before starting.

Basic figures, and some hairstyles.

All hairstyles, blocked-in shading, and "Now with 1000% more Adorable!"

The image on top is a VERY rough sketch, and will probably need to be totally reworked before becoming usable, but it captured the eyebrows of the various charactersand made an attempt tocapturethe hair, so its work has been done.

Question. Would you guys rather see this poster in my usual soft-lined style, or would you like to see it in a crisp-lined, cartoony style? Please tell me in the comments!

That's all for this week! Please check back soon for more (fully colored!) Maze Runner chibiness!

Bye guys! *waves*




  1. Its looking AWESOME Kara! :D And idc which style because all your style's are AMAZING!

  2. That looks great so far and it’s just the outline:D It doesn’t matter which way you outline the picture.


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