Thursday, August 2, 2018

Explanation For Inactivity!

Hey guys!

Wooooow, were do I even start? I'm so sorry I've been so inactive on Animal Jam, blogs, and everything. The reason for that is because my sister's been in the hospital since Sunday morning. She went in because she felt dehydrated, but her heart rate was super high, and her blood pressure was low. They thought she went septic (it's a life-threatening blood.... Thing.....), but she didn't.

They did a CAT scan on her (basically just a really in-depth X-ray so to speak), and they realized she appendix had ruptured, which means that poisonous toxins could possibly be leaking into her body. My sister was really upset about this, because that means she'll need surgery.

After we left the hospital, we picked up my niece, and have had her since my sister first went into the hospital. It's been so hectic, with so many ups and downs. One minute it sounds like she'll need emergency surgery, the next minute she's not, then she might, then she might have to have surgery next month, it's just been insane. o.o Today should be the last day she's in the hospital though, and the doctor said that in one week she'll have a CAT scan, and then they'll finally schedule surgery.

I've just been extremely stressed. The worst part about all this, is my sister and niece will be moving in with us until she recovers, because she's going to be moving to another state. She was supposed to move on Tuesday actually, but now it looks like she'll be moving at like the end of the month, possibly sooner, but we're still not sure yet. I just so badly want this over with. Everyday has been getting a little bit easier though. I've been constantly leaning on God, and I know He'll get me through this, and this won't last forever. I just really hope this will be over soon, and maybe she'll have the surgery when she moves? I don't knooooow.

Just please be praying about this situation. It's been really hard on all of us. DX

Letz just talk about unicorns and rainbows and uhm
Happy things

Starting on Saturday I should be on Animal Jam and will be blogging more! And I should be fully active likeeeeee... I'm just gonna give y'all a date and pray and pray they'll be gone by then...

August 20th.
Let's just go with that.
18 days.
If it's that same day, or near that day, I will cry with joy. I will scream. I will-

I go now


Here's todays Bible verse!


Colossians 4:2

Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.


  1. Awww, im so sorry about your sister Gracie! I hope she ends up being alright:)

  2. I hope your sister and everyone will be okay! Just gotta think happy budgie thoughts. c:

    I've had a CAT scan for a cheek infection I had a few years ago, I kept getting this odd.. Feeling of heat, Like a warm tickling feeling, It's really weird, I kept on wanting to move everytime i got the shivering tickling warm feeling through your body and it almost makes you want to laugh or something! ':L I'm really just rambling but I just remember such a weird indescribable feeling everywhere. :P

  3. I'll be praying!

  4. So sorry about your sister! :( I will be praying for her!!!

  5. you just posted 3 days ago lol! srry about your sister


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