Saturday, March 3, 2018

First Christian Post of March

Hey everyone it's me Ja983 I guess I'm the first one to post this month.
And during the Christian month thing.
By the way I might not be the best at this sense I am not the best at explaining things. Also I've been kinda stressed lately
For today I will just be sharing about my Christian life I guess. This won't be super long either. :P

How I became a Christian:
I became a Christian 30/11/15 at 3:31 at my Piano teachers house.
I had some Christian tracts in my coat pocket and I read them.
I has been putting off being a Christian for a few weeks and I finally realized it was time. :)

Some of my favorite Christian Song: I have 126 songs on my Christian playlist I can't just pick 1 now can I XD
Fix My Eyes by For King and Country
My Everything by Owl City
Sunrise by The Afters
Beyond Me and City on Our Knee's by Toby Mac
Lead me by Sanctus Real
King and Queens by Audio Adrenaline
Stars by Skillet

Current Bible book I'm reading: I just finished Amos and haven't started a new one quite yet

Favorite Bible book: First and Second Samuel
There is just so much action! I try to read at least 2-3 chapters of the bible every night and when I was reading Samuel I was reading like 7 chapters XD

Favorite Christian Speaker: Carl Kirby
He's just so interesting and I like the way he explains things.

Favorite Christian Book: To be honest I haven't read whole bunch so I'll just say the Bible :P

I'm not sure what else to put in this post. Plus I'm tired a lot has happened today so yeah :P
Peace love ninja's!

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Great job on this, Ja! ;)
    And I hope whatever's stressing you out is over soon! I've been rather stressed as well this past week. ,:1

  2. This was really cool to read!!! ;D Awesome post, Ja Ja!

  3. Ack I was gonna also post some Christain quotes but I forgot! Arrrgh DX DX


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