Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Short Post.

Hello there, Jamaasians!

...I have no idea what to write.


Help me.

I need suggestions.

Well, perhaps I do not have any intellectually stimulating topics of interest to talk about -- but I do have cute art! 😊

Get ready for Tiny Puppy Graciiiiiiie! 😄💗✨

Chibiness! She's soooooo little, she hasn't even collected all her signature items for her look yet! (And yes I am aware that is a silly excuse for why she's not wearing all her stuff. The real reason is that I'd have an insane amount of trouble fitting them all on her smol pupper body.)

For a model/reference, I used THIS adorable image of a 12-day-old Sphynx kitten!

So cute!!

(Bonus funny pigeon photo!)

(For those of us who might have missed what's going on at first glance, the person behind the camera was taking a picture of pigeons on the ledge of a second-story balcony, but the color of the ledge blended in perfectly with the parking lot below, creating the illusion that two huge pigeons were standing in the parking lot!)

Welp, that's all for this week! Please leave me a comment if you know what kind of post you wanna see next time! 😀 Chibi art? Jammers' avatars in humanoid form? It's probably going to be some form of art,but what kind do you like best?

Seeya 'round, peeps!




  1. *Squeals* I'M AN AFORABLE PUPPY-IFED.. Puppy? I dunno


    Oh my gosh, that picture of the pigeons. XDD It took me a while to actually see the ledge. For a while I thought it was just photoshopped XD!

    Maybe you could draw all of the bloggers of AJFC as people? :D Or you could rotate around, and do the people that write for different blogs as humans. Like you could draw everyone from the AJAC as humans, or something like that :D

    Sorry if this comment is confusing, I just woke up XDD

    Remember, God made YOU!

  2. Aww, Kara, your drawings are always so amazing and awe me. ^.^ You have such talent!

    LOL, that pigeon picture is amazing! XD I noticed the ledge actually but dang, it looks like the parking lot. XD

    Maybe draw some bloggers as chibi? That would be adorable. :O


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