Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Official Animal Jam Blogger Tag!

Hello there Jammers! IT SNOWED
Ahem ahem
That Violet8627  made, called The Official Animal Jam Blogger Tag!

1. Sarahkey8

2. December 1st, 2016 was when I did my first guest post on this blog, because I won a story contest, and thenn I think... December 7th was when I officially became an author and did my first post.

3. This blog, (of course XD), the AJAC and AJC!

4.  I really would like to have an IRL blog to post about books and probably a bit of AJ, but I am not able to unfortunately.

5. Almost 3 years now I think!

6. Back when the DE moderators had personality  initials, I  was/still am, AJ Adventurer, and there were two other people with 'DE' names, DXplorergirl,(Karalee) and Nature Girl (Graciepopstar91) And Snowlondon, who was.. the insanelyaddictedtocommentingcommenter, (correct me if I'm wrong Snow XD!) and Frozenlover/IPSlover*cant get on aj to check the numbers* And I found out Gracie had a blog and started reading it, and thought it was awesome! And then I found more blogs, though actually,  The AJW was the first blog I ever read, because  I was looking up something about AJ toys, and found this post!

7. Karalee and my sis, Ja983 became authors, on the AJFC, and when I won a story contest Gracie let me become one! For the AJC, Arctic was holding auditions, and picked me, and for the AJAC, Crazcatlover was holding auditions, so I filled out the forum and she picked me XD

8. A little more then 4 years!

9. My favorite thing is THE JAMMERS. Bloggers don't have fans, their readers are friends. And my least favorite thing is when people quit blogging for youtubing.

10. Hmm.... cookie clan.. crazy roleplay, talking about 'fruits', talking about books for a long time (Maze Runner and Warrior Cats come up a lot.. XD)

11. The Crazy Swirl Outro, anddd my outro just depends, normally its just goodbye, I use to have something like    Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you!  Byeeeee!  
Idk what happened to that, XDD(And lately I've been forgetting my signature, oops)

12. 'All Bloggers are created equal.' Somebody please make an old fashion masterpiece like that... XDD

13. Everybody who supports me in blogging!

14. Theories, funny things people say, glitches, and random things I notice! (And tags!)

15. I love to read theories, funny things people say, unreleased items, glitches, unreleased toys, and toy reviews! 

 This was an awesome tag Vi!    One of my favorite tags I've ever done XD!
Have a nice day! 



  1. This was so much fun to read! I can’t wait to do this tag, it’ll bring back a lot of memories! ^.^

  2. Thanks, I’m glad it’s been one of your favourites!! Thanks for doing it also:)

  3. Hi! I would love to make that art XD!! I will send it to you if I do XDD!!!
    Kitty ninja
    P.S. I need a better way to end my comments XD


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