Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Jammer Chibi -- Patches1020!

Heyoooooo, Jammers!

Karalee here!

It's, like, insanely late to be making a post (and that means a LOT coming from me), so I'll have to keep this one short.

This Jammer Chibi is of Patches1020, who requested a drawing with the help of his buddy Snowlondon! 😊

Here's a screenshot of the references she sent me....

...And here's the adorable base I used for the chibi body! I chose the one on the left. (Found on Pinterest, the artist signed their work and put their Twitter handle on it.)

And -- *drumroll please* -- here's the finished design! Tadaaaaaaa! 😆

I forgot to ask about his hairstyle when I requested information about what Patches' chibi should look like, so I took a stab at guessing a hairstyle. Is it okay, Patches? (Or Snow?)

P.S. It's off to the side because I made it really big so Patches can save it at high resolution. You just can't tell that there's a huge section of transparent photo space hanging off the edge of the

...I'm tired.

Here's a bonus GIF of a brave volunteer getting hit in the face with a water balloon. For science, I'm sure.

(Heehee there's a little shred of balloon left stuck on his nose)

Welp, that's all for this week! Tell me if you'd like to request a Jammer Chibi of yourself or of a buddy! Just copy-and-paste to fill out this form in the comments!

Name of the animal you'd like to be drawn in the outfit of:
Your skintone*:
Your hair color*:
Your hairstyle*:
Your eye color*:

Anything marked with a * can be left blank (as that might be information you're not comfortable with sharing) but let it be known that I will probably make up imaginary skin and hair based on your AJ avatar in lieu of other information, so please be prepared for the possibility of hot-pink skin and green fuzz on top of your head if you DO opt to leave those parts blank.

Bye guys! *waves* See you next time!




  1. Hi! It's meh!! It's...
    Username: Purplesnowie!!
    Name of animal: snowflake snowy cat (I think... it's my main so if that's not the name then FYI it's my only snowflake arctic wolf).
    Skin tone: argh!! Idk.. um maybe a light peach I guess. Not too dark, not too light.
    Hair color: light brown (my hair matches my eyes)
    Hair style: don't know how to put this. My hair can never make up it's mind. So um three words... curly frizzy wavy. Just make it wavy with slight frizziness and slight curl XD. Tell me if need more description plz.
    Eye color: so like I said my eyes match my hair so light brown.
    FYI: I like to wear dresses sometimes but usually don't. Also my main has needs and I have glasses so it's fine to leave them that way. If you want it to be like my glasses please ask me for the colors. Oh and for the hair I forgot length XD. Medium length I guess. Past my shoulders. So that's about it.

    1. I meant snowflake arctic fox XD DX!!!

    2. Also I meant nerds btw. Ugh mistypes why

    3. Ugh, mistypes. XD I knew what you meant, though! Thank you!


  2. Username: Binx1184
    Name of the animal you'd like to be drawn in the outfit of: Miss Magictiger
    Your skintone: Fair
    Your hair color: Dark brown
    Your hairstyle: In a braid (use butterfly hair bow as the "hair clip" if you can. If you can't, just off to the side please), btw, my hair is slightly wavy and past my shoulders a little.
    Your eye color: Hazel
    Sidenotes: Can you use the color of the the Rare Worn blanket and make a dress (not a worn dress please), and add any shoes you want (I'm nonmember so whatever you can do is fine). If you need more info, JAG me and I'll get back to ya.

  3. Awesome Kara! That chibi is very cute!!


  4. Username: Sarahkey8
    Name of the animal you'd like to be drawn in the outfit of: Snowflake Strongclaws ( If it doesn't have ice armor.. I think you could just look up a picture of my fox XDDD)
    Your skintone*: uhm uhm whittttttttttteee?
    Your hair color*: Light brown
    Your hairstyle*: In a black ponytail
    Your eye color*: Blue



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