Saturday, April 7, 2018

Instrument Tag!

Me: It snowed again ....
You Guys: YIPE! :runs and hides blow torch:
Me: Nah I'm in to much of a good mood to do something like that :D Early morning, listening to calming music, thinking about the awesome time I had last night talking with Koolest, Lost, Swirl and Sarah. And how they tried to kill me with adorable pictures of otters! THANKS A LOT GUYS XDD
I got so hyper I actually ran 2 laps around the house in the dark in 2 minutes. And literally screamed into a closet ... and jumped up and down 15 times trying to shake of the hyperness. Hehe totally NOT obsessed with otters lately!! 
Ahem, moving onto other things ...
It's April already!
Which means March/ #FocusingonGod is over too which I am partly glad because like I said in my last post I am sooo bad at those kinda things. DX
But I honestly truly did like the idea!

For today I made up this tag! I've been listening to a lot of lyricless music and it made me ask these sort of questions!

1. Do you play a instrument?
Yes Piano! I've been taking lessons for I think 3 and a half years now.

2. What is your favorite instrument(s)?
Hmm maybe the violin or the fiddle/stringed instruments.

3. Why this particular instrument?
You can make so many kinds of music with them!
A chasey theme,
A nice calm theme
Intense theme.
Pretty much anything XD
Just combine these instruments with things like trumpets and drums and you've got The Maze Runner Theme!  So many songs!
Also there is a stringed instruments in like every song I listen to XD

4. What is one of your not so favorite interment?
The Saxophone

5. Why do you not like this instrument?
I just don't like how it sounds  And the songs I've heard with the saxophone in it. Have been songs I really really don't like. :/

6. If you could learn any instrument instantly what would it be?
Piano, and yeah I am playing that now. But I wish I could learn a lot faster XD
If not Piano then Violin.

7. If you could learn any song on that instrument what song would it be?
THIS  (By the way the real version is a lot cooler XD) 
I looked on Amazon and all over, and there is no piano book or sheet music for it!! I am soooo not happy about that ...
Oh and there's also no tutorial so grrrrrr
And then a second song I currently wanna play I would really really wanna learn on it would be Sanctuary which actually has a lot of piano in it. And it's my Mom's favorite song :P

Speaking of Piano I have a recital coming up. I am sooo nervous because it's my first. We switched to a new teacher. Our older teacher didn't have a recital because she had way more students.
So yeah. Super nervous XD

Peace love ninja's!

*Husky Ninja 


  1. OM we've been playing piano for the same amount of time!I agree,even though Im already taking piano,I would LOVE to learn a lot faster XD

    1. I agree!! Learning faster would be fun!! I forgot to put that in my comment XD!!

    2. Thanks Vi! :D
      *Husky Ninja

    3. @partyon25
      Oo that's cool! That'd be fun if we could do a duet or something ^.^
      *Husky Ninja

    4. @Purplesnowie
      There are just so many songs I wanna learn but their just a level above me and I'm like NOOOOO

      *Husky Ninja

  2. Cool tag!

    As for number 7,if you search musescore, they have free sheet music there, and I think I saw The Maze Runner stuff there ;)
    Or you could go to musicnotes. It's not free, but they usually have pieces of just about anything.



    Ooh, Ja, do you mind if I do this tag? It looks fun!! :o

    And aw, don't be nervoussss! You're gonna do awesome, I just know it!! ;)


      Oh yes!
      Omg I forgot to put who I tagged O,O
      *Husky Ninja

  4. Hi!! You play piano too!!!! Yes!!! I play piano!! Oh you have your first recital. Don't worry my piano teacher has us do recitals too. I did my first one last year a little bit before Christmas.. I was nervous at first but if you try your hardest it won't matter if you mess up or anything else like that. Trust me.
    Hope you do good!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! ^.^
      *Husky Ninja


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