Saturday, April 28, 2018

Who's ready ...... for BINGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Me: Hi guys! :trips and falls: THUUUD!!!
You Guys: Yeah are you ok!?
Me: :Looks up with Pippe Longstocking smile: YUP! :)
You Guys: Um already:
Me: :walks up to computer chair, then trips again: THUUUUUUD!
Me: Because the hulk hit me in the back of the head with a tree! :(
You Guys: O,O
Me: He also hit Issac Newton .....
You Guys: :slowly backs out of room: ooookay then gotta go! My fudge is burning judge! I mean uh my burning is fudge. I mean I think our mother is calling us goodbye! :zooms out of room in cartoon style:
Me: :stares: well ok then. :starts to write post

Ok that was suuuch a random intro. the whole Isaac Newton, hulk, tree, thud thing, was made up last night by Sarah, Lost, Swirl, and Me. I think we had to much sugar :D
It's been a week sense we saw our puppy, 3 more weeks :sigh:
Next week will be super busy because next week is my brother Graduation party so I'll have to schedule my post hopefully I don't mess it up and have the post posted at 1:30 at night XD
It's a good thing we don't have the puppy yet actually because if we had him then he'd absolutely freak out when everyone came.
Today is gonna be pretty busy we have Nas's violin recital and then I have to do some coping and writing, and a few other small things XD
Anyway I'll get to the bingo now it's a movie bingo!
My mind hasn't been able to come up with anything Animal Jam related lately so you might be seeing a few more bingo's.
I love doing bingo's though.
Also I'm super sorry this bingo is super lame looking. I didn't wanna have to go through going through a bunch of pictures, taking forever to pick one out, and then trying to make the words so they don't blend in with the picture
Here is the bingo
Also a huge thanks to Lostfairy for helping me come up with half of these squares! :D ^.^

And here are my answers
I'm going to go over each one actually to make this post longer :P

Really Looked forward to seeing a movie as soon as you saw it was coming out: Not really, if I knew about The Maze Runner then yeah I would have been like "ARRRRGH 2 YEARS TILL IT COMES OUT!?!?" But when they made TMR I was ..... :checks:  9 and wouldn't have been able to read it XD

Cried over a movie: Yup, the third Maze Runner. Couldn't handle it, the top of my sweater was soaked. 

Gotten angry over a movie: Yup!

Wanted to see a movie multiple times in one day: Yup, you can guess XD

Wanted to be in a movie: Are you kidding yes! I'd love to be in the Maze Runner. But um the chances of me still being there by the 3rd book would be super thin. 

Gotten sad after a movie ended: Yeah when LOTR ended I was really sad because it was so awesome and I really enjoyed watching it with my family!

Ever yelled at a movie character: Yup, Denethor, and Teresa, and Gally. 

Ever seen the same movie in 3 times in one day: Nope, but my dad did. he said it was blurring by the third time. I think he was like 20 when he did that. 
He did that with the forth Star Wars. 

Ever listened to the soundtrack of a movie: Yeah, I'm listening to Minas Tirith at the moment from LOTR 
I really love this choir part ^.^ 

Fallen asleep in the movie theater: No, one time my dad did though because he was tired, and the seats were super comfortable and they leaned back soo yeah I might have fallen asleep too. XDD 

Done a movie marathon: Not yet. 

Been asked to leave the movie theater: No 

Bough a movie poster: Nope, I don't really want to either because I just don't care XD

had a crush on a move character: yes

Ever had a dream where you were in the movie: Yup! It was awesome. ^.^ 

Ever wanted to change something in a movie: Are you kidding? Yes! XD

And this is just a bonus question
What movies are you looking forward to seeing? At the moment only I can only Imagine it's taking forever to come to the cheap theater .... 

Anyone who wants to do this bingo can! :D 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Peace Love Ninja's! 
*Husky Ninja's 


  1. I'm looking forward to answering that bingo! :o


  2. Trips and falls. THUUDD!!!! XD that was funny. Slips on banana. THUDDD!!! XD!!! I will be doing this bingo in the comments tomorrow for sure!!! Starts singing. The sun will come out, tomorrow, tomorrow!! I love ya!!! Tomorrow!! You're only a day! A! Wayyyyyyy!!! Starts coughing cause wore out singing voice in church. XD. Falls from exhaustion and the hulk hitting her with Isaac Newton. THUDDDDDDD!!! XD. See ya tomorrow. Starts singing again.


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