Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Yay Or Nay!

 Hello Jammers! Today I bring a game, Yay or Nay!
And, its kinda self explanatory.. unless
you don't know what nay means?
Anybody can do this!(Copy and paste! :D)

1. Headdresses-

2. Spikestravaganze, whatever its called! :D-

3. Extinct Animals-

4. Fat horses who dab-

5. Pet Sabertooth Tigers-

6. How much AJ obsesses over youtubers-

7.  Minor Alphas-

8. AJ Merch Craze


1. Headdresses- Yay! I actually super love how headdresses look, my item-that-isn't-a-masterpiece-dreamie is a light green headdress! Or a pink one, but the fact I never ever trade or do the forgotten desert, or trade (Well, I trade for promo pets and sometimes masterpieces, but never anything else XD) yeahhhhhh never going to happen

2. Spikestravaganze, whatever its called! :D- NAY NAY NAY NAY!!. Last time's spikes were pretty much the same as the time before! Except the 'tattered spike collar' (Which looked EXACTLY like the worn ones..) were member! Great...

3. Extinct Animals-Eh, I dont think its too too bad.. because if I say nay AJ WONT ADD DRAGONS OR UNICORNS :( SO YAY!

4. Fat horses who dab-Nay. Nay. ALWAYS AND FOREVER NAY

5. Pet Sabertooth Tigers- GO LOOK ON THE DE!  AJHQ said they were 'the cutest pet' but nay AJ, nay they are not..almost nothing can compare to the pony, arctic fox, dolphin and uhhh i forgot the others :) So.. there is no inbetween, SO YAY I GUESS I LOAF PETS :D

6. How much AJ obsesses over youtubers- NAY. NAY. NAY. NAY. NAY. UNLESS AJ GIVES US A BLOGGER PLAQUE
* moans*
 Because thats the attitude I should have if we want a blogger plaque *SHRUGS* 

7.  Minor Alphas- I think they are cool and all, but honestly, if AJ doesn't do something with them soon.. they are just THERE, no explanation, its kinda useless

8. AJ Merch Craze- Its kinda getting ridiculous how much merch AJ has been adding, but its pretty cool so, AYE XD

Have a good day!!


  1. 1. Nay, there's a reason AJHQ can't return them, and why they were removed in the first place.
    2. Nay, no more spikes! We don't need more!
    3. Extinct Animals in Animal Jam- Yay, it's good to teach kids about extinct animals. And dragons and unicorns aren't actually r- you know what nevermind I don't want to crush your dreams.
    4. Dabbing animals (btw I deleted the "fat horses" part since some horses are like that)- Nay, dabbing is dumb.
    5. Pet Sabertooth Tigers- Yay, so cute!
    6. How much AJHQ obsesses over youtubers- Nay, some AJ Youtubers aren't even good.
    7. Minor Alphas- Yay, it's interesting and gives more variety (sorry for copy, just same reason).
    8. AJ Merch Craze Neither yay or nay I don't care for it, just stop putting ads in my jags tyvm.


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