Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Official Animal Jam Blogger Tag, And Housemom418's Birthday Party!

Helloooo everyone! I refuse to use my AJ intro If you can't tell, I'm not very happy about doing an Animal Jam post. XD I don't know- I'm just really tired of doing Animal Jam posts. After doing the #FocusingOnGod posts, that's truly what I want to write about. So, of course on Animal Jam Community I'll be doing Animal Jam posts, but I think on here I'll mainly be doing Christian blog posts. I have no idea if anyone likes reading it, but if I'm doing it to God's glory, and God has placed this on my heart, I'm sure it's for a reason to reach someone out there.

Let's get going with todays post. ^.^

On Sunday, Violet86271 put up a new tag, called 'The Official Animal Jam Blogger Tag', so today I'm going to be answering that!


1. My username is Graciepopstar91! I'd love to change it to like, FlamingArrow55 or something, but I've had Graciepopstar91 for so long, it's just what everyone's used to. Plus if one of my buddies saw my username was 'FlamingArrow55' they would probably have no idea who I am. XD

2. I started blogging for this blog on June 15th 2015! I kinda started blogging before that, but I'll explain more about that in the seventh question.

3. I write for this blog, Animal Jam Community, The Teens Guide To Animal Jam And More, and Flaming Arrow For Jesus! I'm planning to write more posts on Flaming Arrow For Jesus soon. ^.^

4. Yes I do! I have this blog, The Animal Jam Friendship Community, and my more IRL blog is Flaming Arrow For Jesus.

5. Well, technically on October 4th it will be four years, but again, I'll explain that more in question 7. XD

6. Honestly, I don't really know. It's been so long. I just thought it would be cool I guess.

7. Weeeeeeeell... I used to have my own little 'blog' that I would email to my parents and nana about Animal Jam, then I decided to ask my mom if I could have my own actual blog. She said that my dad knows how to work WordPress, so I could use that. I agreed, and started a WordPress blog on October 4th 2014, and I kept up with it for about a year or less. It was a Christian Animal Jam blog. Then my friend Sweetraspberry got a blog through blogspot, and I thought blogspot would be much better than WordPress. She had a really nice format, so I wanted something like that. My mom let me get a blog through blogspot, and that's when I made this blog, The Animal Jam Friendship Community! At first it wasn't really a Christian blog, but later I started adding Bible verses and such. I started writing for Animal Jam Community July 19th 2016. About one or two years before that, I applied to become a blogger for AJC, but I don't know, I just didn't feel right about it. I deleted my application, but then a long while after that, I decided to apply again, when just a few people were writing for AJC, and Arcticstar8404 was the admin. She accepted me, and I've been blogging there ever since! I got my position as an admin on AJFC because- well- I started this blog. XD And I'm just an author on AJC. ^.^

8. I've been playing since September 3rd 2013, so, it will be five years this year!

9. Hm... I guess my least favorite thing is when conflict or drama comes up. Y'know, like when that whole Julian2 thing went down, or several years ago when people were bullying me. And probably my favorite thing is with blogging, that blogging is such a great opportunity to tell people about Jesus throughout the whole world!

10. Uhm.. Probably every single time I asked one of my friends if they wanted to write for my blog. I loved seeing their reactions. XDD

11. Welp, my intro on here is kinda always changing, but I used to do, "Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here!" a lot, and for my outro I include a Bible verse, and "God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully." Which as I said when I first started using that, is a quote from Louie Giglio's book, 'Goliath Must Fall'. ^.^

12. (Please don't be mad if I don't say you XD) My favorite blog would probably be.. MY BLOG. MWHAHAHA. Okay no, even though I do like my blog. XDD I really like Animal Jam Artists Collab! I like seeing all the art on there. They're all such talented artists! And, this is kind of a blog, but it's not Animal Jam related. It's called The Christian Beat, which has a lot of the new Christian music news on it! Aaaand I'm not saying who my favorite blogger is. (:

13. I guess just the fact that I have the chance to make Christian posts, and possibly reach someone for Christ. 😊

14. Christian posts for sure!

15. Christian posts again.. XD


Thanks, Vi!

Any blogger who wants to can do this tag!


Nooooow for our second topic!

My friend Housemom418 has a birthday party on Animal Jam coming up, and she wanted me to tell you guys in a post! Since her party is coming up pretty soon, I decided I'd include it in this post.

Here's the party info!

Location: Housemom418's den on Animal Jam

Date: April 14th 2018 (which is a Saturday)

Time: 4:00 PM PST Pacific standard time such as California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona (for now, since they don't do daylight savings) and Washington state 
7:00 PM EST Eastern standard time such as Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and New York 
3 PM MST Mountain standard time such as New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho 6 PM CST Central standard time such as Texas, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arkansas Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, some parts of Canada, and Kansas 12 AM (Sunday) UK time such as London 1 PM HST Hawaii standard Time such as Honolulu, and Hilo 3 PM Alaskan Time Zone. 

What we will do at the party: Play mini-games, fashion show, find the plushie, find the pet, hide and seek, and 'eat' food

Reason for celebration: It's almost Housemom418's birthday!


Be sure to comment down below if you can, or cannot come!


On a side note, recently I had a scripture egg hunt here on AJFC! The winner was Purplesnowie, and I have a quick question for her.

Would you like a blogger signature, or a desktop background for your prize? Please comment down below! ^.^

To everyone else, I'm keeping the scripture egg hunt up for the month of April if you would like to do that just for fun!


Here's todays Bible verse!

1 Timothy 6:12

Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before many witnesses.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.


  1. you started the blog on my Birthday XDD

    and ill try to come to housemoms birthday :D -penelopeiscute

    1. Oh my gosh, really? That's cool! :D The WordPress blog, or this blog?

      Yay! :D

      Remember, God made YOU!

    2. wordpress :D -penelopeiscute

  2. the julian2 drama was on YOUTUBE XD, and wasn't the bullying just on aj not on blogger?

    1. Well, people started talking about Julian2 in the comments of AJFC and stuff. It was kinda a little hectic for a while. XD

      And no, before I met you guys I was getting bullied on blogs. One girl was writing really nasty comments on here. Thankfully I recently saw her, and we were able to make up, and forgive each other, which I always longed to do. :)

      Remember, God made YOU!

  3. My friends coming over for a sleepover the day of the party so I can't come.Happy Birthday Housemom!
    #bbf (Best buddies forever)

  4. I might be able to come.

  5. I might/hope I'm able to come!
    *Husky Ninja

  6. Yes! I finally saw this XD!! I guess a signature then cause I really don't have my own computer. I mean I have a laptop but never use cause it is so. Slow!! (Becomes a turtle racing a tortoise across 100 miles of clear land) almost. There. Just. 50,000,000 steps. Left. Ugh. (Faints and turns back normal) what just happened? Oh and also I said I was gonna enter a writing and I will just when I tried it had too many characters!!! Ugh why comment section why!!! Oh and I'll try to make it to housemom318's party, btw. (Becomes turtle again)
    Currently a turtle.

  7. Thanks for doing the tag Gracie! I appreciate it:) Hmmm I should be able to go to House’s party!

  8. Hello, Gracie. May I question you about something that has been baffling me?

    It seems to me that you no longer enjoy making posts about Animal Jam, from what I've seen in your most recent publishings. I do not wish for you to be unhappily creating these posts, and I've been wondering why you do not choose to fix your focus on Christian posts instead, as you do seem to enjoy them much more! Plus, I'm sure all your viewers do enjoy your Christian posts as well!
    I do not mean for this to be offensive- I am just merely expressing my opinion on this matter! I hope you have a pleasant day!

  9. gracie y u still post abot aj if you no liek it no more. u shoud do cristshan posts more!




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